Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The movie

Hello everybody!
Last Sunday, I was in my homestay with nothing to do when I decided to watch a DVD. I chose a movie that I always wanted to see: Moulin Rouge.
This film has two great actors: Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. Ewan is a poet who falls in love for a courtesan (Nicole). She works in a famous Paris’s Cabaret Nightclub called Moulin Rouge and the story takes place in 1899. When the characters meet each other, they are involved by a strong passion but the problem is a duke (Richard Roxburgh) who has an obsession for Satine is the man that invests his money on the club. In other words, he is the owner of the Moulin Rouge, so he has the authority over everybody there inclusive the main courtesan. When he discovers that Satine and the poet are in love, he gets totally mad and tries to kill him. In the end of story, Satine dies because she has a lethal disease and the poet decides to write about their romance. It’s a romantic movie that it’s impossible not to cry in the end!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My interview

Hello everybody!

I needed to create another blog because the first one had some problems. But that's okay! Here I go again.
Today I'll talk about one interesting experience that I passed three weeks ago. I was in Burrard Station waiting my friends Miriam, Kelly and Natascia, when a man with a camera came in my direction. Then he told me that he had to do a documentary for his job and ask me if he could do an interview with me. Althought I was a little afraid about comprehending the questions, I said that it would be okay. So, the first thing that he asked me was about my favorite restaurant in Vancouver. I answered him that it was the Italian Restaurant (Old Spaguetti Factory). Then he asked me what would be fashion for me. I answered that Gisele Bundchen represents the fashion world better than everyone else.
He asked me only these two questions and than he told me that the interview would be showed in Channel 4, in the next evening.
In the next day, I was on TV. Totally unbelievable but I liked! I never had appeard on TV before.
That's all. Kisses,